Since 1998, our customers have defined service excellence for us, and we accept the challenge and the responsibility of providing it for them. We are committed to remaining on the leading edge of technology, offering the newest products and services available so we can effectively meet the complex and expanding needs of our customers. You can depend on M/S. Deepa Electricals for a commitment to service excellence, with systems that work and smart people who understand your business needs. When you need our service or our product, we're already on the way. Every day we deliver the products to valuable custmer with our reputation. Our trained associates pull your orders accurately, helping to ensure timely deliveries. M/S. Deepa Electricals can access manufacturers' inventory for stock checks, backorder status, substitute items, technical help and direct ordering - increasing accuracy and response time.
M/S. Deepa Electricals stocks the names you trust, in quantities that make us your hassle-free supplier. Our inventory levels are based on customer demand, not complicated financial formulas. That means each service centre has the flexibility to stock even hard-to-find items in order to maintain superior customer service requirements. We deliver more than is expected or promised with the customer. We consider ourselves successful not when we deliver our customer's final product but when the product is launched and meets success.
We stock hundreds of product categories from the industry's leading manufacturers like Bajaj, Havells, Crabtree and Orient giving us the breadth of inventory that's sure to meet your needs from government and private vendors.

Field Of Export Services

It is proud to on our skilled practice that they are expert in the following field:
  • All types of lamps, chock, igniter, capacitor, transfer cable (armed non armed).
  • House wiring cable switch, socket, holder, and all type of fans.
  • In the street light concerned we deals with 36wt, 40wt, 36wt, CFL, 70wt, 150.250wt, 400wt, SV/MH street light.
  • We also deals with flood light, juno light, high mast light etc.

Our coverage in Major Places

Our Coverage in major places of undivided Koraput Districts like
  • N.A.C Umerkote - Installation of juno light and supplying of lighting materials.
  • Municipality Nabarangpur - Installation of transformer, Installation of high mast fittings, Installation of juno light and supply of light materials.
  • N.A.C Sunabeda - Supply of light materials and 250 wt SV/MH fitting street lights.
  • Municipality Rayagada - Supply of lighting materials
  • Borigumma Block - Supply of high mast light and maintain ace of street light.
  • Nandapur Block - Supply of 24 wt/5 fittings.

Please Note the Important Points

  • The Prices are Ex-godown and are inclusive of Excise Duty, value Added Tax (VAT)/ Sales Tax.
  • The Prices are subject to change without notice and those ruling at the time of supply shall be charged.
  • The price list super cedes all our previous price and/ or Price List(s).

We have made our transaction on the listed items and provide services to our customer at any time at any place that are as below:

  • 18 wt, 20 wt, 36wt, 40 wt cooper polyester, electronic TS choke.
  • Gate light, Park Light, Gilly decorative light.
  • 70wt, 125wt, 150wt 250wt, 400wt, SV/MH/MV igniter.
  • 70wt, 125wt, 150wt 250wt, 400wt, 1000wt. SV/MH/MV choke.
  • 70wt, 125wt, 150wt 250wt, 400wt, SV/MH/MV capacitor.
  • 24wt TS, 28wt TS lamp.
  • 18wt, 20wt, 30wt, 35wt, 36wt, 45wt, 65wt, 85wt CFL lamp.
  • 15wt, 40 wt, 25 wt, 60 wt, 100 wt, 200wt, 500wt GLS lamp.
  • 500wt, 1000wt Halogen lamp.
  • Ceiling fan, Table fan, Adjust fan, Wall mount fan, Stand fan.
  • 70wt, 125wt, 150wt 250wt, 400wt, 1000wt. SV/MH/MV lamp.
  • 18wt, 20wt, 36wt, 40wt FTL fittings.
  • 9 meters/ 10.5 snow neck tables (J.I and M.S) pole, cement pole.
  • 16KVA, 25 KVA, 32 KVA and all kind of single, double and three phase transformer.
  • 3wt, 5 wt, 8wt, 9wt, 11wt, 15wt, 20wt, 23wt, 25wt, 30wt, 35wt, 45wt, 65wt, 85wt CFL lamp.
  • 70wt, 125wt, 150wt 250wt, 400wt, SV/MH/MV street light fittings.
  • 70wt, 125wt, 150wt 250wt, 400wt, SV/MH/ single and double lamp type flood light fittings.
  • 250wt, 400 wt SV/MH 9 X 250wt, 7 X 400 wt, 9 X 250 wt 30ft, 60 ft, 120 ft high mast, mini fast fittings.
  • 18wt, 20wt, 36wt, 40wt M.C.B, R.C.C.B, RCBO, D Box, Panel board, Bus bar also available totally item are make from Bajaj and Havells.
  • Cable armed, non armed house wiring cable LT and HT aluminium cable.